Need a Good Content Strategy for 2021?

We live and breath content marketing so you don't have to. Our professional copywriters are trained in SEO optimisation and perform industry-specific research when cultivating your content strategy. The best part? We'll take care of literally everything from start to finish. All you have to do is hit the post button!

Need help developing your content strategy?

Our Content Strategy Services

While we focus on article writing and blog writing, we're passionate about other areas of content marketing, too, such as creative, strategic content solutions. Need a content strategy for all of 2021? We can deliver that and more. Here are the four main parts of a done-for-you content strategy from us.

#1. In-Depth Research

We perform an in-depth competitor analysis and then dive into keyword research. With that research, we will build you out a list of highly targeted keyword list (for use on your blog or website), create a SWOT analysis and develop your brand and style guide.

#2. Editorial Calendars

Once you have your keywords and branding materials, we’ll create a custom 52-week editorial calendar for suggested blog posts, topics, and social content. Included in this are posting prompts and suggested social captions. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

#3. Social Templates

A content strategy includes social media content, of course! According to your branding, we’ll create five high-converting templates for you to use. This includes five ready-to-use social templates for your preferred platforms.

#4. SEO-Optimised Blogs

Using our keyword research, and while analysing your competition, we’ll create weekly pitches that turn into SEO-optimised blogs (a whole 52 of them!). And we even include photos, social media captions, and meta descriptions. 

What's Included in a Done-for-you content strategy?


A fully-developed content strategy complete with keyword research & social templates
  • 1 year of content planning done
  • Custom 12-month blog editorial calendar and social calendar with captions and prompts
  • 5 branded social templates
  • Brand & style guide


As part of your year-long content strategy, we start off with in-depth, industry-specific research
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • In-depth keyword research
  • Up to 50 highly-targeted keywords


Fully optimised SEO blogs that will help you increase your online presence and drive conversions
  • 52 blogs researched, written, edited, polished and uploaded directly to your CMS on a weekly basis
  • Corresponding social media captions
  • Sourced images
  • Metadata included for optimisation
Do you really need a content strategy?

YES! And here's why...

Let’s face it, good content is hard to create. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes research. It takes hours or even days that you don’t have.

Imagine you could hire your own editorial team who would handle your content for you.

Imagine they take the time to get to know your brand and style inside and out, and use this information to put together a killer content strategy, complete with invaluable SEO keyword research, that would allow you to ace your content game in 2021.

Imagine that they put together a social media and blog editorial calendar built just for your brand that set you up for a full year of content success?

Imagine they identify captivating blog topics based on your SEO keywords, and then research, write (in your unique voice and style), edit, polish, SEO-optimise and upload each blog to your CMS, complete with sourced photos, each week for the entire year.

And now imagine that this service was totally affordable.

It’s here.​

As a professional content creation agency, we pride ourselves on transparency

Frequently asked questions

We're not just a bunch of content creators. We're professional copywriters and social media experts with experience in a variety of industries. We've been creating content strategies for a while, and here's what we get asked frequently.

Content Strategy Questions

Absolutely! Our expert SEO team begins by researching your industry, your competitors, and the tactics that will drive your success. This is not cookie-cutter content strategy; it’s a 100% personalised game plan that is designed to take you from zero to hero within the industry or niche that you operate. 

Yes! Our multi-stage edit process means that your content is edited and polished at least twice before making its way back to you. What’s more, the detailed brief that you fill in prior to assigning your content makes sure that we craft your article exactly as you want it (or hopefully even better!). We even make sure the formatting is web-friendly. You are welcome to send your article back to us for iterations if there’s anything you’d like changed, but usually our clients are quite happy to copy and paste the content from Google Docs straight into their blog (or some of them even have us do this for them)!

We do! We’ll provide a professionally written, Google- and SEO-friendly meta description to accompany your blog post.

Yes! We are total pros at incorporating SEO keywords and keyphrases into your content. We don’t believe in keyword stuffing (neither do the Google Gods) — instead, we incorporate your keywords and keyphrases as often as naturally possible (even those really awkward ones).

Totally! Great content requires captivating imagery, and we are happy to source blog post images from free or paid stock photo websites (you just pay for the images themselves).

The set-up fee is only $1,500 USD. This allows us to deploy our team of content strategy experts and allows them to begin researching, designing, and optimising your content strategy.

Monthly fee: $800 USD

Not ready to commit for a year? No problem. 

  • Commit to 6 months. Same set-up fee. Monthly fee is $900 USD.*
  • Commit to 3 months. Same set-up fee. Monthly fee is $1000 USD.*

*You can extend your contract at any time to the full 12 months and receive the lower full-year rate.

Let's get down to specifics...

What's this really going to cost you?

Think about what it might cost you and your team to research, compare, plan, design, create, optimise, and publish a years worth of content. That's quite a bit of value, right?

Let's recap what you're getting here:

-Competitor research & analysis

-SWOT analysis

-Brand & style guide

-Custom 12-month editorial calendar

-5 ready-to-use social templates for all your preferred platforms

-Customised blog topic pitches

-52 blogs researched, written, edited, polished and uploaded directly to your CMS on a weekly basis

-Social media captions

-Meta descriptions

-Optimised images

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You get all of this for...

$1,500 USD setup fee and an $800 monthly fee.

Not ready to commit for a year? No problem.

Commit to 6 months. Same set-up fee. Monthly fee is $900 USD.*

Commit to 3 months. Same set-up fee. Monthly fee is $1000 USD.*

*You can extend your contract at any time to the full 12 months and receive the lower full-year rate.

Want to be really hands off?

You're busy, and we get it.

If you're the type of business owner or marketing manager who wants to be totally hands off, we've got an even better offer for you...

For a completely hands-off approach to your content, consider the next level, and add-on a dedicated account manager from our team, who will write your social media posts into our templates, send for approval, schedule them, and engage with your followers.

Starting as low as $250 USD per month.​


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