Free Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement in 2021

If you’re not on social media, do you even exist? With every like, share and follow, social media is playing more and more of an integral role in how we live our lives, especially if you're a business. Not sure how to take advantage of these tools? Here are a few free ways to boost your social media engagement in 2021.
How to Boost Social Media Engagement

Whether you’re a brand, a business, a solopreneur, or something else, social media is where you go to get noticed; it’s a platform to showcase who you are and what you do. But learning how to boost social media engagement is a whole different business task.

While gaining followers is a big part of it all, over ninety percent of businesses agree that it’s engaging with your audience that really holds the key to your success. There are plenty of ways you can boost your social media engagement for free, but for now, we’re going to focus on the four C’s.


First of all, content is king. Not only does your content need to be relevant, but you need to be using the right social media platforms in the right way.

You can reel the audience in with a witty-one liner, an intriguing headline or an exciting new product, but once you have their attention you need to keep it. Content needs to be tailored to your audience, not only in what you’re saying but how you say it and adding in some visual props can keep them entertained along the way.

Original graphics and images are an excellent way to boost social media engagement on Facebook and Twitter. According to Wishpond, the average Facebook post gets 120% less engagement than posts that include an image, whereas visual platforms like Instagram tend to see engagement increase with video.


The second C is consistency; it’s important to be consistent in everything you’re putting out there. That can be the look and feel of how you present yourself, what you talk about and who you identify yourself as, but it can also refer to consistency of presence.

The more active you are the better. Being active on your social media pages shows that your page is worth following. Posting regular content makes people feel closer to you or your brand. It’s also important to be consistent in the time of day you post.

According to an analysis of 16 studies by CoSchedule, Facebook posts tend to drive the most engagement between 1 PM and 4 PM on the weekends. As for Twitter, the best time to tweet is around 12-3 PM during the work week. Instagram users are engaged throughout the week with the most active hours being 8-9 AM.


Sharing really is caring and collaboration is a really great way to grow your followers and boost engagement. You can collaborate with other brands, businesses, or influencers that attract a similar audience to you. It might include a contest or a giveaway. Or, it may just involve sharing somebody else’s blog post, recommending their products, or giving them a like.

Sharing your followers and customers’ content is also very important. This makes them feel great about themselves for being worthy to go on your feed, and more often than not they will share your reply. In short, it’s more exposure and more engagement.

Collaboration is all about being part of the community you’re creating.


And last, but definitely not least, is using social media as a digital platform to have a conversation. This is how you really humanise your brand, by talking directly with your audience.

You can do this by asking open questions. Whether it’s about the industry you’re in, something relevant that’s hit the headlines or asking them about their personal experiences with your goods and services, it can help you to obtain customer feedback as well as sparking discussion among users.

Joining Q&A answer sessions is a great way to provide value outside of your own social sites and gets you seen as a thought leader, a helpful brand or just somebody they want to get to know more. It shows you genuinely want to contribute to the community and are not just about converting conversation into sales.

But the way to make people really feel really engaged with you or your brand on a personal level is to give direct responses to their content. This intentional interaction makes them feel hugely valued and creates a sense of trust and loyalty – it’s a real relationship.

Help with Social Media Engagement & Management

Social media engagement is all about using a digital platform to make human connections. It’s about building a community and being part of it. Not sure how to take this and create your own community? We can help with that.

Generating quality, consistent content is part of boosting your social media engagement. And, if you’re struggling, it might be time to call in a content expert. We’re here for you. Drop us a line to chat about your content needs or go ahead and scroll down to get free content for your brand.

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