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Real Estate Marketing for Kalara International Properties

Archipelago Communications has worked hard on its projects with Kalara International properties, helping the company to showcase their fantastic and gorgeous properties all over Thailand.

With properties in Koh Samui, Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok, Koh Phangan and Krabi, Kalara International Properties is at the forefront of luxury villa rentals, sales and development projects across the most popular tourist regions in Thailand. We developed a content marketing and social media strategy that showcased their unique and luxurious properties, informed audiences of deals, new projects and placed Kalara as a thought leader in the luxury lifestyle industry of SE Asia. Tasked with creating, scheduling and growing their accounts on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+, our team found creative new ways to introduce Kalara’s unique personality to the high-end real estate market in Thailand.  Real estate marketing has become a crucial and beneficial strategy for Kalara International Properties in reaching out to the mass global clientele through the use of online media platforms. A highly competitive market for luxury property, specifically in Thailand can create difficulty in standing out, however with the team’s strategic implementation of active and interactive communication across the  social platforms has enhanced Kalara’s notoriety and boosted the over all Business. Cultivating a strong presence and communicating effectively has ensured a following, appreciation and understanding from the target market and potential clients.

Learn more about them at http://kalaraco.com

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