HOBS is an exceptionally unique and of course, fun client due to their main product: imported beers.

HOBS has quickly become the first choice destination for beer drinkers in Bangkok. The House of Beers venues provide an authentic and lively place for people to enjoy some of the best beers in the world. Archipelago is tasked with conceptualizing and executing the HOBS monthly newsletter for beer fans in Thailand. The concept we came up with was simple: a light-hearted approach that is fun to read and contains informative and entertaining stories, jokes and FAQs about all things beer, following our clients’ vision of having a unique and laid back platform to communicate with their fans across Thailand and beyond. The venue caters to a good mix of travelers, expats, and hi-so Thais.  With multiple locations in Bangkok, HOBS is quickly taking over Thailand’s biggest metropolitan city to be the destination for all things beer related. 

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