Pinterest: What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

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Up until recently, Pinterest was a fairly overlooked platform, seemingly reserved mainly for Bridezilla types meticulously planning their weddings, and DIY mums looking for papier-maché products to keep their children entertained. Well, it may come as a surprise that Pinterest is, in fact, an incredibly useful tool for driving traffic to your website. If large companies like Walmart and Apple are jumping on the bandwagon to utilise Pinterest, then it clearly has more to offer than you may have initially thought. Read on to find out why you should be focusing your social media strategy on Pinterest and what makes the “perfect pin”…

pins social media strategy1The Facts

A pin is 100 times more likely to be shared and shared again versus a tweet and retweet dynamic. If done correctly, each pin can boost traffic to your site by at least two page visits and six page views. E-commerce sites in particular can benefit from pinning as each pin can generate around 78 cents. Interestingly, the “life” of a pin is significantly longer than other social media platforms; a pin’s relevance lasts for around one week, compared to approximately 90 minutes on Facebook and a mere 24 minutes on Twitter.
Pinterest also has a much higher percentage of sales conversions than any other social media platform, as it allows a minimal amount of steps between discovery (your pin) and purchase. With these facts in mind, it becomes increasingly apparent that bloggers, marketers and businesses have something to gain from spending more resources on Pinterest. Focusing your social media strategy on platforms that are going to give you high engagement is the best tactic for getting more views to your website and product.
So how do you convert high engagement on Pinterest into tangible statistics for your business? The ultimate goal here is to drive up the numbers of unique page views and visits, but how exactly does that work? If you follow these points on crafting your pin, as well as our useful tips on timing, frequency and resources, this shouldn’t be a problem.

pinterest social media strategyWhat Makes a Perfect Pin?

So what makes a perfect pin? If you want to generate high engagement on the popular social media platform, then you will need to create something that people will share over and over again (roughly 80% of the content on Pinterest is shared). An ultimate goal here is to aim for creating “evergreen” content that doesn’t have a “sell by date” as such, something that stays relevant for a longer period of time than your average lifespan.

Here are the main aspects of creating the “perfect pin” to up your Pinterest game:

  • Keyword Description – Make it easy for users to find your profile, boards and pins with a clear description (in each of these categories) that includes keywords.
  • Clever Caption – Drive traffic from your pin to your website using a well-crafted caption. Give just enough information to entice a user to click on the pin and follow the link to your website.
  • Emotive & Interesting Wording – Draw on the emotions of the audience by using sensory word choices and positive sentiments, or interesting content that will spark their curiosity.
  • Actionable Content – Include a call-to-action in your description. Using phrases like, “Check out…” or “Click to find out more”, using this simple trick can generate an 80% increase in engagement.
  • Design – An appealing aesthetic design is important, but it also needs to reflect the key points of your content, for example, “5 Best Destinations In the Philippines” with beautiful imagery which will make the user want to click on the link to discover exactly what the destinations are.
  • Timing & Frequency – So, you’ve been working on your social media strategy and crafting a perfect pin to put on your boards. Something else that you need to consider before you post is your timing. Schedule some time to study your analytics and research your demographic to find the best times so that you can post your pins at peak times. For example, if your demographic is ages 25-40 then you don’t want to be pinning all of your content during Monday – Friday office working hours. Research also shows that a good minimum amount of times to post to Pinterest per day is around five, with a comfortable maximum sitting at around 10 pins per day.

resources social media stategyUseful Resources

One of Pinterest’s ultimate flaws is the time it consumes in uploading original content. Whilst re-pinning from other people is quick and simple, uploading your own is a long and arduous process if you’re strapped for time! Given that Pinterest still doesn’t have the option for multiple uploads, resources such as Tailwind is hands down your best friend. You can pre-plan your pins and schedule them in advance for a whole month. Tailwind even picks out the best times to post for you. Other fantastic and time-saving features include the option to sync to your Instagram account, allowing you to post content from your Instagram page on to your Pinterest boards.
Effectively, although Pinterest has been around since 2010, it’s now unexpectedly found itself becoming an up-and-coming platform for business marketing and promotion. Utilising Pinterest in your social media strategy can certainly produce a lot of benefits. With more than 10 million unique visitors and an astronomical yearly growth rate,

Pinterest offers a huge amount of potential in a previously untapped area of the market. If you’re looking for more traffic to your product and a higher conversion rate, then Pinterest is without a doubt the social media channel that you should be dedicating time and resources to.
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