Why Outsource Marketing? Business Freedom

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So, you’ve started a new business and it’s got an online presence. It’s a project, a hard one at that. And you’re finding yourself stretched for time; you’re stressed, you’re tired, and you’re overburdened by your own grandiose ideas. But you’ve got a dream that you’re aiming to turn in to a reality, and so you start to research the most puzzling part… How do I market my business online?

There’s lots of information out there on the web; after-all, webs are ever-expansive–as is marketing. It’s a never-ending, jargon-filled, pay-to-win playground with thousands of business owners competing with one another to achieve the exact same thing–clicks. Clicks that convert to traffic flowing to your website; traffic that converts to sales; sales that convert to profit; profit that translates into entrepreneurial success.

Achieving these feats yourself can be a mind-numbing, laborious experience; hours upon hours spent reading, writing, planning, and executing in a trial- and error-type manner. It’s stressful, trust me, I’ve done it on my own entrepreneurial ideas. It seemed like an excellent plan before I began. In reality, I plunged myself into the bowels of marketing and after I digested everything I had read and attempted to put it into practice, my time was not well spent.

What I should have done, and eventually did do, was to invest a small portion of my budget into some very reasonably priced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists, who promised that they would get my businesses highly ranked on the Google search engine, while simultaneously dropping my domain name, or ‘backlinks’, left, right, and centre across the internet, for all eyes to see–and hopefully click upon!

The Expert Effect

So, what were the benefits of outsource marketing? Well, if we’re all honest with ourselves, we are like the average father at a summertime party with a barbeque–we rule the website, we can cook up some basic SEO techniques to optimise our websites. But we don’t have the ability to whip up something magical as a marketing expert can or, indeed, a chef on a BBQ. This is for many reasons…

Professional marketing experts provide a new perspective; a fresh look on your business model. They have an eye for detail and the know-how on what you do and don’t need to include on your website to achieve results. The majority use the latest technology and tools to find marketing solutions, which allow them to implement the constantly evolving marketing techniques that the biggest companies use, and they’ll use them on your very own business. The most important part? Once marketing professionals take you on as a client, they are relentless in their pursuit of your success.

Because of this, fledgling entrepreneurs can expect the highest quality results, consistently. Companies that specialise in the optimisation of your website have a very strong motivation to please their clients. Marketing agencies know that they serve a purpose and that if they are faulty, they will be replaced by a better alternative. Subsequently, most are quality-orientated, which is what you need.

And, you know, if you’ve got a team of experts passionate about marketing and SEO, a team that has a proven track record of results while you find it mind-numbingly mundane, you are definitely on to a winner!

Why? Because, by outsourcing your marketing, which makes up the majority of the workload for any business, you allow yourself all the time in the world to crack on with the more exciting aspects of your business. In other words, get a team of experts on board to do the boring, hard stuff, while you focus on the parts of the business that you are actually passionate about!

Lastly, on your journey to business supremacy, you have to manage and pay staff, juggle jobs, keep everybody happy, and turn yourself into many experts at once. By outsourcing your marketing you free yourself from these burdens and you no longer need to pay staff who deal with the marketing aspect of your company. That means more time to focus on other aspects of the business, and less money spent–the dream of every business owner.

So, take it from me, the ‘expert’ who admitted defeat. Sometimes, when it comes to SEO and marketing, it is best to trust people who know what they’re doing. The professionals have access to the tools of the trade, technology that can enhance your business presence above others, and a devotion to you and your idea. Meanwhile, you can do all the fun stuff!