In need of content for your website, blog, newsletters, social media, ghost writing a book, or anything else? Your poetic professionals are here to help!

Here at Archipelago Communications, we are almost too passionate about content (as if that could be possible). We don’t churn out boring blogs – we transport ourselves into the subject, research the topic carefully, and compose prose that begs to be read. Next, our three-stage editing process ensures error-free content, every time.

Our content package prices are as follows:

1,000 word package @ 6 THB/ word ($0.17 USD or 1.3 HKD)
5,000 word package @ 5 THB/ word ($0.14 USD or 1.1 HKD)
10,000 word package @ 4 THB/ word ($0.11 USD or 0.87 HKD)
25,000 word package @ 3 THB/ word ($0.08 USD or 0.65 HKD)
50,000 word package @ 2 THB/ word ($0.05 USD or 0.44 HKD)

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