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95% of home buyers surveyed used the internet to search for properties.

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89% of home sellers stated they used an agent to sell their home last year; however, 49% of real estate agents reported generating zero leads from their website.

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46.4% of real estate industry professionals feel their top marketing challenge is generating enough high-quality leads. Content can help with that.

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A staggering 77% of realtors do not have a blog despite that 84% of homebuyers found online information to be a crucial part of their house search.

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"Working with Kaila and her team was a pleasure. Starting a new business and trying to make a difference in an industry is always a big task, yet her team made us feel confident and comfortable with the challenge ahead."
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"Archipelago Communications in Ko Phangnan is awesome at locating writing talent across Thailand on a moments’ notice—the Director is a writer herself, but also acts as an ‘agent’ with a fat, virtual Rolodex of talent. Keep her name on file and she’ll bail you out in a jam."
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