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Working on a content strategy for the medical industry? Hold up! We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, including the research on growth statistics, competition, case studies, and content ideas.

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Approximately 70,000 search queries related to health were processed by Google every minute in 2019, with over 1 billion health questions fielded each day.

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In the medical industry, content marketing can lead to astonishing results such as a 95% rise in site visits, 60% growth of leads, and a 37% increase in conversions.

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 94% of respondents evaluate medical service providers based on online reviews.

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True North Custom’s 2019 State of Healthcare Content Marketing report found that almost 100% of respondents found content marketing strategies effective.

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Our free medical industry content guide is crafted by experts and edited by industry-leading professionals with experience in medical copywriting. Here's what you can expect to find inside of the guide.


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We've done hours of research regarding content in the medical industry and have worked with numerous clients just like you. In this free content guide, you'll find specific examples about your competition in the medical industry.
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With strategic content, it's not hard to stand out in the medical industry. Our professional copywriters and content editors have worked together to form this content guide that offers insights into the medical field, including growth statistics, and tells you how to stand out among the competition.

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Not sure how to take this information and craft a content strategy for the medical industry? This white paper offers free content strategies that you can start implementing today.
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"Our team has been using Kaila’s content writing services for quite some time now, and the difference they have made in our productivity has been game-changing! Her diverse skills mean that they are completely flexible when it comes to meeting our needs and their guaranteed 5-day turnaround time means we can have confidence that not only will the job be well done, but it will be well-researched and represent the standard of excellence that we strive for."
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"My time with Archipelago Communications has been fluid and straightforward. I appreciate their suggestions and pitches to build my brand and how to market my businesses. Everyone is very professional and timely. I also appreciate their continual communication and forgiveness when I do not communicate promptly. "
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"The team at Archipelago are prompt, clear, professional and responsive at every step of the process of working with them. For our projects we started with one idea and had to change course, but this did not phase Kaila and her team one bit. I appreciate her status reporting and checking in with our team on a consistent basis to make sure our needs are met. Thank you!"
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