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Working on a content strategy for the magazine industry? Hold up! We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, including the research on growth statistics, competition, case studies, and content ideas.

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Companies in the magazine industry will succeed by capitalizing on the next big trend — integrating high-quality content marketing into their core product.

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Total print revenues for ads may drop as much as 77% while digital advertising is projected to rise by over 350%.

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Publishers increasingly rely on a variety of revenue sources beyond the traditional subscription model.

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Consumers now choose research over loyalty, and they’re willing to switch magazines if they discover one they think has more value.

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Our free magazine industry content guide is crafted by experts and edited by industry-leading professionals with experience in magazine-style copywriting. Here's what you can expect to find inside of the guide.


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We've done hours of research regarding content in the magazine industry and have worked with numerous clients just like you. In this free content guide, you'll find specific examples of your competition in the magazine world.

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With strategic content, it's not hard to stand out in the magazine and publication industry. Our professional copywriters and content editors have worked together to form this content guide that offers insights into this niche, including growth statistics, and tells you how to stand out among the competition.

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Not sure how to take this information and craft a content strategy for the magazine industry? This white paper offers free content strategies that you can start implementing today.
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