How a Blog Improves Marketing

If you're not convinced that a blog improves marketing then you've likely been doing it wrong. Here's how it can help your business.
How a Blog Improves Marketing Efforts

If you’re not convinced that a blog improves marketing then you’ve likely been doing it wrong.

Blogging has become a popular element of marketing plans for promoting both companies and products. It is an ideal medium to interact with consumers, allowing people the opportunity to comment, question, and leave feedback. This engagement develops people’s trust in companies and allows businesses to gain insight into current trends and behaviours.

But, don’t just take it from us. Let the stats do the talking. Here are a few of the top reasons how a blog improves marketing efforts across the board.


An active blog also helps with the search ranking of websites. The constant updates of posts and comments indicate to search engines that the website provides value to the public. And with fresh material, site content is indexed to the search engine more often. The more indexed pages you have, the more traffic your site will gain which, in turn, will help your company reach new customers.

Long posts with good quality content will retain viewers on your website longer. This “dwell time” indicates relevant search matches and search engines use this information to rank websites. Links to your blog posts from other websites (backlinks) are another important factor that search engines use to determine the quality of your content and, by extension, the position of your website ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Articles also provide a medium to introduce long-tail keywords (two or more words) which can improve your SEO ranking during the search. If someone searches for a specific phrase you’ve used in an article, there will be a search match, and your content will likely appear on the first page of the SERP–you will not be competing with other organisations over specific, generic keywords. The more posts you have, the more keywords–and long-tail keywords–will lead to your site. Keywords are the simplest tools for expanding your scope and being discovered through an organic search.

Draws Interest and Attention

A blog can generate interest and attention with content that piques a reader’s curiosity. By posting articles that address the reader’s needs, desires, or emotions you can establish instant reader interest. If the audience feels the content is relevant to them, they are far more likely to continue reading to satisfy their own self-interest.

Attention-grabbing headlines such as “How To’s“ or rhetorical questions educate your audience while showing that your company understands them and can provide them with valuable content. A post that answers common questions about your business may engage the reader to seek out your product or services, as well as providing them a useful resource–a resource that they can to come back to anytime, day or night.

Sharing insightful content relevant to your industry demonstrates your credibility, too. Your blog should share information that shows your company is up to date with regular posts; relevant by posting about issues and trends affecting your industry; and authoritative by, ideally, having backlinks to your site or featuring a respected figure in the industry. 

Your blog can feature different mediums, as well, such as music or video to capture the reader’s attention. Through multimedia content, you’ll be better able to grab the reader’s attention, engage them, then ask them to share their opinions through surveys. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insight into their needs, desires, and motivation. Varied and engaging content also helps direct product and marketing initiatives.

A blog is also the perfect platform for raising awareness about your company, its mission, employees, and philosophy. By publishing company-specific content—promoting your goals and showcasing your progress—you can expand audience outreach and provide support for both the customer and staff. 

Exposure and Engagement 

Having a blog is one way to grab the wayward searcher as they accidentally stumble upon your company while searching for generic information. It’s another, albeit passive way to gain exposure for your company. “Evergreen” blogs also provide exposure over the long-term, remaining relevant and useful months after they were published and providing an efficient and economical value as you share resources with your audience.

With more posts about company topics, there is more room for discussion and engagement with your audience. Through candid, honest engagement in your posts, your customers will grow to trust you and begin to share your details through their own social media channels, driving new customers to your site. 

Engagement with your customers through your blog posts is likely to come through comments and reviews. You’ll want to be approachable and transparent when you interact. Talk to them in a common friendly voice, be honest and direct, and if any customers take issues with your stance on a matter, be prepared to address it promptly and professionally. This promotes trust as well as building stronger customer relationships, resulting in more loyal customers. 

New products and upcoming events can also be linked to blogs. A blog also provides content for other marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and email newsletters–just a quick hook sentence to entice them, then send them to the online blog and you’ve got them where you want them: on your site looking for “more.”

So it’s pretty much decided. A blog improves marketing by providing a platform to define the company’s brand and connect with your audience. It is an opportunity to get to know your loyal and future customers. It is a valuable resource available 24/7. And with the huge number of people already using the internet and search engines to find information, a blog is just too convenient to ignore. It aids in SEO and levels the playing field for smaller companies entering the industry. Companies have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability and become thought leaders in their industry–all through the blog.

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