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Kaila Krayewski
Founder, Archipelago Communications

Who are We?

We're a team of experienced, passionate individuals who specialise in content with quality.

With years of experience, Archipelago features a unique, diverse team of talented writers who combine their creative and analytical capabilities to traverse the complex rapids of the writing world. At Archipelago, we’ve successfully brought companies more business, engagement, and brand awareness, all at competitive prices. 

Our team of in-house writers provides a consistently thorough researching, writing, and editing routine. Every member of our regimented, culturally diverse squadron leaves their mark on your content.


Meet our founder

Kaila Krayewski is a digital nomad and entrepreneur revolutionising the content industry.

After finishing her journalism degree, Kaila left Canada and joined the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme, where she taught English and embarked upon a lifetime of travel abroad. To expand her worldview, Kaila chose to pursue a master’s degree in International Relations at the University of Sussex in England, honing her skills in writing about global leaders, politics, and relationships. This launched her into managing communications for OBAN, multilingual search engine optimisation (SEO) company. There, Kaila designed and led an ambitious PR campaign that landed the company in over 100 magazines and cemented its place at the forefront of digital marketing. Building upon her marketing success, Kaila then landed a new role writing for a popular internet marketing website news section. She continued to write while backpacking her way across Southeast Asia--making her a “digital nomad” before remote working became popular. Confident with leaping into the unknown, Kaila moved to Bangkok, Thailand, in 2010 to direct the editing for the luxury travel magazines Inbound Asia and BangkokDiary. Quickly amassing experience as an editor and a columnist, her talent for overseeing the production of quality content soon melded with her entrepreneurial mindset. In 2013, she launched Archipelago Communications, a content marketing company that allows her to work on campaigns worldwide, while providing quality English content to companies around the blog.

We create content that matters

our Content focus

We choose our words wisely when crafting your content.  From website copywriting to blog writing services, SEO consulting, and full website content analyses, we understand just how much words matter. 



Content shows who you are and differentiates you as a company. It helps develop your digital voice and tells your story. It should be clear, engaging, and geared towards an audience who needs what your business has to offer.



Filling your content with keywords and data that search engines, like Google, pickup and rank when determining the relevance of searches to the retrieved content is key to winning the content game. You can’t go anywhere without SEO.



SEO copywriting services are nothing of value without constant optimisation. Good content elucidates why you’re different, why your product or service has value. It helps promote your business’ goals and achieve the “mission.”



To succeed with content, you need consistency, confidence, and compelling content. Why not let our team of experts take care of this while you bask in the tropical sun at a remote location you’ve been dreaming of for years? We’ve got it covered.